Invitation from the Organising Committee


On behalf of Westmead Breast Cancer Institute (BCI), our collaborative partners the Australasian Society of Breast Disease (ASBD), and Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand (BrastSurgANZ) and the Organising Committee, we invite you to be part of the Leura International Breast Cancer Conference to be held 23-26 October 2024  at the boutique Fairmont MGallery Hotel within Sydney’s iconic Blue Monutains area.

The Leura 9 Breast Cancer Conference will bring together Australian health professionals, National and International experts, researchers, and advocates for an engaging and informative multidisciplinary breast cancer conference, set in the iconic Blue Mountains.

The Leura International Breast Cancer Conference was originally initiated as a way to bring the different disciplines involved in breast cancer management together to tackle poor survival rates and address the challenge of co-ordination of care for patients, with an often complex trajectory from diagnosis, to treatment and follow up. This 4 yearly conference commenced in 1988 with the aim of sharing the latest developments in breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care needs across all disciplines. The conferences have been successfully held every 4 years since inception in 1988. The 8th conference in 2016 was held in Leura and we once again return to this picturesque venue following the COVID hiatus in 2020.

There have been rapid advancements in all areas of breast cancer care, with rapidly accumulating data on the latest clinical trials, giant strides in personalisation of local and systemic therapies and rapid technological innovations in diagnostic oncology. In addition, the increasing utility and applications of artificial intelligence in breast cancer is a rapidly evolving field, and the possibilities in this space continue to expand, posing new challenges as well as opportunities for clinicians.  In the context of this constantly evolving landscape of breast cancer management, we have brought together an exemplary panel of international and national experts for a stimulating and engaging 3 day program. The conference is held entirely within the iconic Blue Mountains at the delightful Fairmont Resort with ample opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and socialising.


Together with my conference co-convenors, we look forward to having you involved and to welcoming you to the Leura International Breast Cancer Conference in the Blue Mountains.


A/Prof Nirmala Pathmanathan

Service Director, Westmead Breast Cancer Institute

Chair Leura Conference